ut:Heart-shaped manuscript by Baude Cordier


Heart-shaped manuscript by Baude Cordier

Wayne Rooney kisses the badge after scoring against Manchester City in the FA Cup, January 8 2012.

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Photo Courtesy: loverstofriends

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Alex Cherry

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“It was a while before we came to realize that our place was the very house of difference rather than the security of any one particular difference. (And often, we were cowards in our learning.) It was years before we learned to use the strength that daily surviving could bring, years before we…

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I was very excited about my new trompe l’oeil canvas saddle shoes that I got at Urban Outfitters not so long ago. But a sad thing happened. The first day I wore them, it decided to torrentially downpour, and now they are all kinds of scuffed. I’ve always hated super-duper white new…

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